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Day 35 continued...
Since my journal is quickly becoming the primary witness testimony on a future court case (if Hoenn even has a justice system; at this point it seems common law and anarchy reign -omit this statement during evidence review-) and I will eventually read this again when I am older and wonder what I was thinking at sixteen, I am going to point out that yes, I knew I was being baited to Slateport city, I knew the possibility of an ambush. What was I supposed to do? Leave it to the phantom authorities?

No, I wasn't stupid for trying to follow them to Slateport. I was stupid for trying to follow them by flying for the first time ever. I purchased a glider suit and harness system while exploring Fortree City. It was designed to allow you to use air travel regardless of the size of your flying pokemon, on the condition they were powerful enough to get you to achieve lift off. Since Capaldi is the size of my torso, I wasn't exactly going to be riding his back, but he did have enough strength to pull me. I learned rapidly as I plummeted off the side of Mt. Pyre that gliding behind a pokemon was not something you just dived into. I really should have read the manual. Thankfully I had Moof to help stabilize me and halfway to Slateport I think I got the hang of controlling my glide path. Capaldi barely had trouble at all taking us all the way into the cloud layer and beyond.

We made good time to Slateport because of this, I think taking an hour, hour-half before we were attempting our first landing. Capaldi tried his best; I place no blame on him. Moof tried to help too but thankfully stopped just in time to not get squashed. Sand hurts when you hit it at a decent speed. I used a super potion on my scrapes and anywhere I ached. As of writing this, it seems to have helped some. Still ache though. Thank Arceus I didn't break my legs. I will be reading the manual before bed.

Anyways, so when I was flying over Slateport I had noticed a large group of people in front of the shipyard. I was concerned I had missed Team Aqua but it turns out I arrived on the tail end of an interview with Captain Stern about some major archeological find. When the reporter was finished and the crowd began to ask questions Captain Stern took notice of me and pulled me aside while his researchers handled the crowd. He did have a look of concern -I was covered in sand and probably looked terrible- but was excited to inform me that they had found an underwater cavern on Route 128, and evidence that it was the home of an ancient pokemon thought long extinct. I tried to explain that I had come here for the same reason; Team Aqua was undoubtedly going to try to get to that cavern. How they even knew it existed before Stern did I still don't know, but I never got the chance to tell him. I was interrupted by voice from a megaphone.

Grandly claiming control of Captain Stern's submarine, thanking him for his contribution to their 'great plan of returning everything to the beginning' and emphasizing how honored Stern should be, the megaphone voice laughed and was recognizable as Archie. Captain Stern and myself ran into the shipyard, where the voice came from, a few reporters who heard the declaration following a distance behind us. Predictably we found Archie and that woman from the meteor falls, Shelly, standing beside the floating submarine. Archie actually dropped his megaphone, surprised to see I'd followed him. I was then mockingly applauded for my persistence and love of justice (about time someone noticed -strike that from court record-) and told boldly that my chance to turn the tide had passed. He claimed to only require a few modifications before they could use the submarine to bust open the seafloor cavern. I also saw no sign of the blue orb he had taken either.

His next statement confused me. 'I know you gotta do what you gotta do, scamp' (I am really hating that name, so degrading considering I nearly destroyed him on Mt. Chimney) 'I'm not gonna tell you to quit chasing us.' And he didn't. Instead he instructed me -if my honor demanded it- to seek out their hideout in Lilycove. Not sure how telling me where your hideout is makes it a hideout anymore, or if he really thought I was so little a threat to their plan that he would level the field by giving me this info. I'm definitely going, but I am certainly anticipating a trap now.

Shelly gave the grunts on the dock orders to detain me until the submarine was gone while she and Archie boarded. I got called a scamp yet again as these two pathetic goons tried to intimidate me. One of them haughtily proclaimed to be the 26th best in the Team. That had me smirking. They gave me their all, but Capaldi, Grawl, and Lucius showed them the door. The submarine was barely out of the shipyard when we finished, but there was still nothing I could do. Captain Stern was distraught, convinced his sub was going to become a tool for unimaginable disaster. I told him I'd keep that from happening. He seemed doubtful, but I've managed so far.

The flight north to Lilycove went better now that we'd had some experience, though the landing still needs work. It was early evening by the time I hit the Lilycove beach, and I am exhausted. I went to the Center first to restore everyone before exploring the city briefly. Mostly looking for the best meal I could possibly imagine and a bed more comfortable than a Pokecenter cot. I ended up running into May at the foot of a staircase leading to an elevated portion of the city, and the Lilycove department store apparently. When she saw me there was no avoiding her, despite my current mood being anything but amiable to unfettered excitement. She asked if I had come here to shop, but I barely got a word out before that bouncy girl was challenging me to a fight. League rules, can't say no. My team was clearly as enthused as I, because they didn't play any games. Capaldi ended her swellow on the first blow and Lucifer took out her sceptile, then refused to switch out. He dealt with her other two, even though one was this massive wailord (as big as a building I swear) so that the rest of the team could actually enjoy their RnR.

After the battle May confided in me that she was considering going back to Littleroot because her pokedex was quite full of field data that needed her father's analysis. I mentioned that mine was pretty full too, but I had more pressing matters than field data. She thought I meant the gyms and the Pokemon League, and I agreed I was going to continue that path, but -and she didn't let me finish. It was all 'good luck then' and handshake and then she was gone into the darkening evening. I really could use her help tomorrow with storming Team Aqua's hideout, but I guess it's just me and the team now.

Mickey's currently sleeping on the floor of our room at the Lilycove hotel: good food, good room, but the owner is a little creepy. He's got the rest of the team in their pokeballs in his arms, except Lucifer who is sleeping at his head. Or was. He just popped his head up because of a noise. Mickey popped an eye open too. Since we know Team Aqua is harbored in this city, they are expecting some trouble tonight. I hope that's not the case because I am too exhausted to deal with it.

And now I am on the news because of that incident in Slateport City harbor. This is not how I wanted to become famous.
Mt Pyre

Day 35
Hit the road again today, this time bound for Mt. Pyre, and hoping I make it there in time to stop these thugs. I was off to a good start this morning, and then the sky became dark as I was over the bridge on Route 120. This time, I brought a rain coat; I ended up wearing it for most of the journey to Route 121. There were few trainers who presented any real challenge, except for a hex maniac who had a sableye. The little jewel-eyed gremlin confused Capaldi with dancing lights and then kept punishing him brutally for trying to land an attack. I was forced to heal Capaldi often. I was tempted to switch out, but with sableye being a ghost type my other team members would have been affected by all his attacks. At least Capaldi was immune to ghost attacks.

It was shortly after that scare that I came upon the Hoenn Safari Park, and saw a small band of Aqua ruffians talking. I didn't get close enough to hear, but I saw them march off to the Mt. Pyre docks. I followed, but they were gone when I arrived on the dock. Instead, I found another hex maniac. She assured me she intended no harm but I reached for my pokeball anyways. There are no hex witches in Johto and my encounters in Hoenn so far had not been peaceful, and with Aqua around I was frankly on edge. She asked if I was going to the mountain; I answered. Do you know anything about it? No, of course I didn't woman, but I really didn't think I was that obvious. Not to mention none of her business. However, I did learn from her that I was about to enter a natural pokemon cemetery. I wondered what Team Aqua would want from a mountain of dead pokemon, but I found out soon enough.

The trek up there was uneventful really. I was attacked by a Duskull I caught, reminding me of a ghastly with a face mask. I called it Piper. Ran into a lot of psychics and hex maniacs again, but Lucifer and Moof had little trouble clearing them out with their type advantages. It helped that none of them had a sableye. That little demon is my new least favorite pokemon because that wide toothy smile is just so creepy. My previous one was grimer, after I touched one as a kid and got tremendously sick.

The closer I got to the summit the more Team Aqua grunts I ended up facing. They seemed to be operating under the illusion that their numbers gave them strength. Mickey and Grawl helped awaken them from that false notion. I eventually found the Admin, Archie, at the tip of the mountain, standing in a decrepit structure that looked to be a shrine. An elderly man and woman were tending the shrine, and were powerless to stop Archie from reaching the altar. The old man did try, and got thrown to the ground harshly for his attempt. I made my presence known loudly, and he acknowledged me with his little pet name 'scamp'. He spoke of a blue orb, then turned and picked up a glass orb the size of a large grapefruit with the color of deep ocean water. Then he called on Matt, and ordered him to keep me busy.

Apparently that meteorite from Mt. Chimney was merely a substitute for this orb he held, and he wouldn't need that meteorite any longer. Not that he was going to get it from me anyways. He mentioned a beast from the deep -I suspect it is one of those legends I've heard so little about- and needing the submarine in Slateport to reach it. He called his men to move out and head for Slateport, not caring that I was listening. Or wanting me to know. Hard to be sure. Either way Matt wasn't going to let me follow them immediately; he was laughing the whole time, knowing he wasn't strong enough to beat me and knowing that wasn't even the point.

Truthfully though, his sharpedo this time was difficult. Since our last encounter he had taught ice fang to his sharpedo, and that put a lot of trouble onto Capaldi. I almost lost him again, but Lucifer came to the rescue and soundly punished his opponent. Matt thanked me for a good time and was eager to face me again in the future. I must admit, his friendliness is disarming and his sportsmanship is impeccable. How did such a man ever become a member of this gang of idiots and low-life's? Honestly, other than his six-foot-something height and disgustingly intimidating muscles, I can't think of a reason.

While I was nursing Capaldi back to health for the next half hour the two elders were fretting about the 'orbs' being separated. That's when I noticed the blood-red ball of glass still sitting on the alter. They begged me to take the red orb and retrieve the stolen blue orb, so that they may be together again. They cryptically explained that was necessary to 'calm the legends'. I dunno why they couldn't say it straight like normal people, but then they do live in a cemetery atop a mountain.

I am beginning to wonder about this legendary Kyogre, and how true those legends are. When I decided to grab the orb, my whole body tingled with an unsettling energy that made me shudder. My vision became clouded with a blue film and my hearing momentarily faded. And then I was fine. I didn't hold it long, rushing to put it in my bag with the meteorite. Whatever that thing did to me, I don't intend to let it happen again. But if a glass orb contained that kind of mystical energy, where did it come from? Man do I wish someone would give me a straight answer concerning these legends!

Sorry for the long wait folks, I've been quite busy at home of late. This is the second picture I've experimented with backgrounds being out of focus and I think it turned out rather well.

Badge 6
Day 34
The sun was falling as I scared off a kecleon blocking the Fortree gym, and the sun was completely lost to the horizon by the time I reached Winona. Her gym was a maze of turn-style walls that had taken a little time for me to navigate, but I was confident when I reached her because so far all the trainers were pushovers.

I was wrong.

To be fair, Dan handled her swellow well, sending a rock slide that buried the bird swiftly. But the good times stopped with that round. What followed will be etched in my memory as one of the hardest and exhilarating battles I've ever fought. Dan tried take out the cloud-covered dragon-bird with a rock slide, but altaria responded with an earthquake, shaking the sports-field-sized platform we fought upon. I was terrified, but Dan's sturdiness did not give way. It was clear Dan wasn't going to be continuing this fight though. I actually had to deliberate for a while who would be strong enough to handle Altaria. Once again, the answer was Mickey. This time though, he wasn't going to be enough.

Thank you Steven, for that swampertite. As a mega swampert Mickey was able to defeat Altaria, but it was a long, grueling, and heart-pounding battle. I started off prioritizing disabling altaria's attacks, using muddy water to hopefully obscure his vision. Altaira kept causing earthquakes, which combined with the muddy water made for a murky mess of a battlefield. It only got worse when I started getting heavy on the offensive with rock slides again, and Winona responded with the move cotton guard to raise her defenses, and roosting and hyper potions a few times when I got close to beating her. It meant I had to destroy the terrain with even more rock slides, but finally, after half an hour and Mickey worn down on both patience and stamina, he hoisted his defeated, half-drowned, mud stained opponent in the air and flung it back to Winona.

She sent out a pelipper next, so I knew Dan couldn't return to the fray. Mickey tried to remove it quickly with a rock slide but pelipper used protect, shielding himself. I delayed responding to heal Dan, and pelipper's attacks predictably did little stop Mickey when I finally ordered the last rock slide.

When she brought out skarmory, I thought maybe, maybe, I could get Dan some exercise this time. But his rock slides were ineffective and he kept missing them because of skarmory using his wings to attempt a sand attack that just ended up getting more mud in Dan's face. After nearly hitting me with one of the rock slides I dejectedly gave up on my dreams for Dan this battle and switched him for Lucius.

Skarmory pulled the same trick, but I had Lucius close his eyes and focus instead of skarmory's scent. I don't know what a metallic bird smells like, but Lucius locked in his opponent and took him down swiftly with fire fang, ending the fight.

Winona handed me the Feather badge and praised me for my grace in battle. I personally felt anything but graceful, and in the open air gym the breezes that went through were cold on my clothes because I was drenched in sweat. Despite my desire to shower I stayed to offer Mickey's strength as an assist in cleaning up the massive mess we had made of the battle platform.

Once again, Mickey is the reason I won this gym badge. My entire, short lived career as a pokemon trainer has only been so successful because of him. He has gotten through so many gym battles that could have been fatal to other team members, saved a good number of them when they were in dire trouble. Without mega evolution though, I am certain this battle would have turned out differently. Maybe Mickey would have still won. But it would've been harder, more perilous.

I was a fool when I walked into that gym, but tonight I was shown just how difficult the road ahead can be for the rash and thoughtless. We will train harder, and work harder, so that Mickey could pause in his vigilance for a time without worrying about our safety.

Who am I kidding? That massive mudfish will always be right there when we need him, keeping an eye on us. It's one of many reasons I love Mickey like a brother.


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